Please cut me some slack
Let this moment linger
A little longer
Won’t see you anymore
Even if I try
Running hard as I can
I’m not strong enough

Put the blame on me
There’s nobody ‘round here
No one to turn to
I’m alone in this crowd
Nothing in my power
To sort out this white mess
This madness looming

Maybe if I shouted
Threw words to the walls
They could echo them back
I’m back to empty noise

Fix my eyes to the skies
The stars are shining
Bright spots in the dark
I am standing open
Cold breeze tearing through
While this wait endures
My feet are planted deep

Show me Your face once more
Curl my lips up like before
Take this load off my back
So I may stand up quite tall

Drained of fragile strength
Losing grip of old days
There joy flowed freely
Somehow the soul’s hopeful
And I could feel me
Dancing high to the wind

Let us fly through this
Make them all slip away
Come and take me there
So I might dream again

After all of this
I’m riding the sunset
And meet a new day
Already fearless

23 December 2013

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