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Beyond Sunset

Take me to yesterday
Where dreams lay
Flat on display
As if waiting
To save the day

Keep my back long upright
Holding tight
As dark winds fight
Ever piercing
Into the night

Calm this raging heartbeat
In my seat
Facing defeat
From sadness
Drenching the soul
Freezing my feet

Unveil these hooded eyes
Strip back lies
Cut rusty ties
My prison
Of doubts and fears
And slowly rise

27 January 2017

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I should have been born a man
‘Y’ paired with an ‘x’
But now here I am

Brute strength that comes with those arms
No due woes to fear
The might and command

Lofty thoughts could go higher
Mountains dare to climb
Small cliffs, less danger


But God made me a woman
Womb to match a heart
Rib taken from man

Tenderness makes me real strong
An irony of sorts
Soft can bid no wrong

Submission leads on deeper
Hard may be the place
I wiser, braver

13 May 2015

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Bakit nga ba humantong sa ganito
Sakit na animo’y walang paghinto
Naisi’y tuluyang makaalpas dito
Ngunit pilitin ma’y di mapagtanto

Sa pag-isip sa ‘yo ang puso’y nalulong
Lakas ko ay sa iyo itinuon
Ngunit katwa’y ‘di sunod sa pagsulong
Kaya nama’y kirot doon bumaon

Pangarap na makamtan ka’y mailap
Di kayang abutin ng pagsisikap
Ang makuha ka’y habulan sa ulap
Ako’ng talunan at ulan aking yakap

21 November 2014

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The Cure

When light is no more to push the road wide
No happy thoughts left to dig up inside
Looking for reason where sanity died
Not enough strength to put worries aside

Pick up stones to buff rough edges shown
Spread wings and try to fly to the unknown
Reap pure joy where dried up tears have been sown
Reach for freedom and call it my own

Hope will drench this long parched soul
Your love to fill my empty bowl
Through this storm I shall take a stroll

10 October 2014

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The Purge

Catch my eye
Butterflies flapping
Fill the air with gravity
Mind slipping away
I am falling

Veins knotted
Gasping for air
This drug is poison to me
No point in trying
I am losing

Off my chest
Purge this wild thing
Let my heart be Your captive
My soul is wanting
I’m fighting on

Got to go
Out this old boat
Take a step to where You are
It’s Your voice calling
I’m moving on

Move my pen
Write them letters
Form words I dare not express
‘Cause I’m not staying
I’m pressing on

Hope reborn
Within my reach
Fix my eyes on You alone
Keep me from drowning
I’m dreaming on

18 August 2014

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In Love

No words can paint a picture
Of this cup brimming over
The sweetness that flows
Washing away fears
My woes
I am overcome

Oh that I be owned by You
No other mark would I wear
Even if shackled
I’m no prisoner
My cell
Your arms with no bounds

When the path is forgotten
And I am desperately lost
Fool I often am
Always wandering off
My bane
And You look over the pain

When doubts flood my senseless thoughts
And grief renders me broken
Cheerless my days grow
Promises all gone
My hope
Is Your relentless presence

Let me swim the depths of Your love
Experience unknown beauty
It keeps me wanting
Your riches untold
My quest
I shall be drowning

23 June 2014

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Minsa’y binabalikan ang nakaraan
Di man sinasadya
Puso’y di maikubli ang ngiti
Waring naririyan lamang
Wala sa gunita
Hawak ang mga kamay kong
Naghihintay sa pagsabay sa bilang

Ngunit naisin mang tahakin pang muli
Hindi na aakma
Ika’y lumipas
Sanayin man sa nakagawian
Dalhin sa nakalipas
Hirap nang bumaluktot
O kumilos sa daloy ng musika

Hanggang pangarap na lamang kita, Mahal
Mithiing kumupas
Panaho’y di na magmumura
At doo’y lalagi ka
Sadyang mananatiling
Anino ng maaari pang bukas

16 March 2014



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Please cut me some slack
Let this moment linger
A little longer
Won’t see you anymore
Even if I try
Running hard as I can
I’m not strong enough

Put the blame on me
There’s nobody ‘round here
No one to turn to
I’m alone in this crowd
Nothing in my power
To sort out this white mess
This madness looming

Maybe if I shouted
Threw words to the walls
They could echo them back
I’m back to empty noise

Fix my eyes to the skies
The stars are shining
Bright spots in the dark
I am standing open
Cold breeze tearing through
While this wait endures
My feet are planted deep

Show me Your face once more
Curl my lips up like before
Take this load off my back
So I may stand up quite tall

Drained of fragile strength
Losing grip of old days
There joy flowed freely
Somehow the soul’s hopeful
And I could feel me
Dancing high to the wind

Let us fly through this
Make them all slip away
Come and take me there
So I might dream again

After all of this
I’m riding the sunset
And meet a new day
Already fearless

23 December 2013

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Running for Real

It’s the 7th of December and it’s already past 6 in the morning.

So why am I still up? It’s because I wanna zap my energy empty so I can sleep early tomorrow – later today, that is. Tomorrow is a pretty big day.

The 8th of December 2013 marks the first-ever race I have fully committed myself to. Mind you, I’ll only be going for 10k. You see, I did not use to be into running. I’m new into this whole thing. I won’t even consider myself sporty, though some say I look like one – LOL. Well if you counted dancing as one then I would, but you can’t really.

I grew up not engaging into any kind of sport. I was scared of flying objects or falling down or getting injured. I couldn’t keep up with too many things going on knowing everything I did could affect the team. I also had poor hand-eye coordination. It was one of those things I couldn’t really excel at in school so I never really bothered getting good at it.

That gap sort of hit me right in the face when I got older and realised I couldn’t dance forever or do drills in civilian military training to keep on being physically active! I had to find me something I could love. Then, school finished and I went to the UK. The second family that hosted me there were all into some kind of sport. The head of the house is a marathoner (he ran the London and Snowdonia Marathons). He was the one who inspired me to dive into it.

When I got back I started dreaming. I wrote down ‘run a marathon’ as one of my wishes. I put my gear on soon afterwards but I immediately lost the will to carry on when my running buddy got busy. But things have a funny way of getting back, I suppose. Last year, a former professor told me about Milo R2 Apex. Sadly, the training season then was about to end. Even sadder, the next season was during summer which I knew for sure I couldn’t do. And then came the latter half of 2013 along with the bigger push to get back to it.

Now here I am – loving it. Thank God I have found something new I can be passionate about. I am grateful for the experience, the people I have met, and that place where I can be and hear His voice in the middle of all the madness around me.

Tomorrow, I am running for real.#

Running for Real

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