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Running for Real

It’s the 7th of December and it’s already past 6 in the morning.

So why am I still up? It’s because I wanna zap my energy empty so I can sleep early tomorrow – later today, that is. Tomorrow is a pretty big day.

The 8th of December 2013 marks the first-ever race I have fully committed myself to. Mind you, I’ll only be going for 10k. You see, I did not use to be into running. I’m new into this whole thing. I won’t even consider myself sporty, though some say I look like one – LOL. Well if you counted dancing as one then I would, but you can’t really.

I grew up not engaging into any kind of sport. I was scared of flying objects or falling down or getting injured. I couldn’t keep up with too many things going on knowing everything I did could affect the team. I also had poor hand-eye coordination. It was one of those things I couldn’t really excel at in school so I never really bothered getting good at it.

That gap sort of hit me right in the face when I got older and realised I couldn’t dance forever or do drills in civilian military training to keep on being physically active! I had to find me something I could love. Then, school finished and I went to the UK. The second family that hosted me there were all into some kind of sport. The head of the house is a marathoner (he ran the London and Snowdonia Marathons). He was the one who inspired me to dive into it.

When I got back I started dreaming. I wrote down ‘run a marathon’ as one of my wishes. I put my gear on soon afterwards but I immediately lost the will to carry on when my running buddy got busy. But things have a funny way of getting back, I suppose. Last year, a former professor told me about Milo R2 Apex. Sadly, the training season then was about to end. Even sadder, the next season was during summer which I knew for sure I couldn’t do. And then came the latter half of 2013 along with the bigger push to get back to it.

Now here I am – loving it. Thank God I have found something new I can be passionate about. I am grateful for the experience, the people I have met, and that place where I can be and hear His voice in the middle of all the madness around me.

Tomorrow, I am running for real.#

Running for Real

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Thinking About Love

I would like to share my journal entry today.

14 February 2012

A few thoughts on the past weekend about LOVE.

Ptr ReyAv’s message and ‘Judgmental’, UnChristian – there was a resounding message from both these two: Love must be the distinguishing character of Christians. If we claim to be Christ’s disciples, we must love. That’s how the whole world will know that we follow Him. That was also something that Jesus left behind to His followers who obviously had to carry on the Lord’s work after He was gone. The way they should do the ministry must be one of love. They couldn’t go wrong with love.

Judgmental. That was our topic in Ditri. This ugly description is something that plagues everyone but especially a pet peeve of outsiders about us Christians. I must say that is true to some extent, not excluding myself. Yes, I am judgemental. I know and I am kind of working on it. It is really a hard subject to deal with. I mean, how do you draw the line between accepting people for what they are and keeping to Biblical values? There are four things that the book suggests are contributing factors to being labelled judgemental: wrong verdict, wrong timing, wrong motivation, and playing favourites. So, I must be careful with these four. Most of all, I must love. Love can do it. God’s love embodied through the life of Jesus did it. That was how He was able to keep to God’s standards yet manage to attract sinners to Himself. Tricky, isn’t it?

The Vow. I never thought I would like watching this film on big screen…but I did! It too touched on the topic of love. Somebody asked me, ‘Why couldn’t she remember that she loved him even after all the evidence she saw?’ Answer: I don’t know! But I do have a theory: What they had for five years was more anchored on emotions rather than the mind. Remember, she did all those things after a traumatic family problem. Everything she did in those years stemmed out of wanting to get away from that. It was one decision after another done quickly, and probably without much thought. I’m not discounting that she could have truly loved him; all I am saying is that she must not have thought about it deeply so as to embed it in her long-term memory or in her subconscious or IN HER.

If I were right, it would just all the more strengthen the fact that loving truly is something that involves all three: deep thought, emotions and will.

Above all, I really must keep a journal! LOLz. 😀

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How far can twenty pesos go? Well, it can bring me from our house to the church and back, or get me a one-way tricycle ride to that distance. It may also buy me filling snacks or mobile credit enough to last me a day. Indeed, that amount can help me do some things but not much. Actually, most of the times, I do not even think about its value. This Christmas season it taught me otherwise.

One Thursday in December, the 15th it was, after paying for the last leg of transportation back to Quezon City from Ortigas, I found that I was only left with twenty pesos – my last money. Last year, when I had a similar experience, I was quite worried not knowing how I could provide for myself in the days that followed. At that time though I just quietly, in my heart, told God ‘Lord, alam mo namang may weekend pa. Kailangan ko po ng pera to get myself through and pay for some expenses. Please help me.’

When I got to CCBC (Capitol City Baptist Church), I was surprised to see my ALS (Alternative Learning System) students at the veranda rooms. It suddenly dawned in me that our Christmas party, to which I previously said I could not go, was in fact happening at that hour. Finding out my appointment was cancelled, I decided to join them. Looking back, I could see that it was providence that made things happen the way they did that afternoon: somebody gave me a monetary gift during the party! My spirit jumped up and down within me. I had not expected God’s answer would come like that.

And so my twenty pesos stretched so that I could get through that weekend and pay for my contribution to the Youth@111 Core and Ministry Team retreat. After handing my fee though, all that was left of me, once again, was twenty pesos! I was thinking hard how I could possibly manage to carry on once more until the weekend and still spare some amount to pay for my fare going to Nueva Ecija to celebrate Christmas with my family.

During the retreat, our exchange gifts were things we once possessed that were quite happy to give away. Some of us forgot to bring along stuff and just laid down money for that purpose. I was quite vocal about wanting the money more than any other presents I could end up with. In the end, I got what I desired. Problem solved, or so I thought.

The sum was not that large so it only lasted me two days. It was then the 23rd of December. Come another day and I should already be leaving for my parents’ place. What to do?

That morning we in the YouthSENTral Team were going up to Tagaytay to join the rest of CBAP (Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines) staff for our Christmas party. Lo and behold, after buying myself breakfast on the way, a twenty-peso bill was flashing its warning sign at me yet again. I worried a bit but there was a sense of peace that God was going to solve this one for me like He did in the previous two instances. I prayed for Him to provide for my bus fare.

He did! At the party, we received cash gifts from the organisation and from groups of people who wanted to bless the staff. I thought I was weightless! God did not only give me provisions for a two-way bus fare. The money also enabled me to be generous to my godchildren (who, by the way, were not receiving anything from me for so many years now) and to contribute toward our New Year meal. Amazing!

When the festivities were over, at the end of my first week back at work, I was once again faced with the problem of how to carry on with only an orange bill in my wallet. By this time, I had become more confident God was going to help me through. Before I headed home, my faithful ministry partner handed to me her support. My heart swelled once more.

Funny I should face BENTE over and over recently. If that was not message clear enough that God would take care of me this coming year, I do not know what else it could be. I believe He will. He has proved it many times over.

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