I long to fly
Where dreams come true
Somewhere close to You
And I am weightless
Not wanting

Hopes undying
Keep me alive
Pushing to a dive
Off cliffs unknown
Just daring

Fears can cripple
Even winners
Yet clear soft whispers
Fix me wings spread wide
Wrought through fire

Piercing through clouds
Once more dauntless
Love flowing endless
Life into my veins
I am free

29 October 2013

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I could not truly appreciate
The colours of your radiance
The light shining through
Piercing the darkness
A cloud that envelops my gaze

I have wanted to press on for long
Darts of hurt I got used to
The shackles pulling
Keeping me rooted
The spot that zapped my ebbing strength

I could not constantly fail trying
One can only reach so much
Before it gets numb
Becoming a fool
The part I did not wish to play

You would not let me endure much more
Those pierced hands I can now touch
They never withdrew
‘Twas I who dismissed
Sure help that had always been there

You raised me up from where I lay
Your presence breathed life in me
Suddenly I’m free
I can hear my heart
Strong and fast it beats once again

What I feared I would run away from
But then it hit me head on
Guess I have to fall
Feel the bruise and pain
To know what it’s like to be whole

I never knew love could be so real
A seed once sown in this soil
A grand idea
Fixture in my head
The depths I never dared explore

A rare flower now I am blooming
Out from the hole I have dug
You are here so near
I’m drawn to Your face
Nothing to behold but beauty

20 August 2013

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Sat on the wall
That you made me
I watched it all
Waiting eagerly
I even wore a smile

But you took one
Kept a red brick
To build someone
Another unit
Put it right next to mine

Wished I was blind
That I was numb
Switched off my mind
And just appeared dumb
Humming familiar songs

Had a great fall
My legs turned stiff
Can’t stand the call
Just took a whiff
And felt the slip coming

Bruised and broken
I’m such a wreck
Heart cut open
What else to expect
I know carelessness does it

All horses and men
Can’t put me back
Whole once again
It’s hard to keep track
Of efforts gone wasted

That’s not what I am
My king is able
Tomorrow I shall run
And pain will just be a memory

1 July 2013

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I’m afraid I’m slipping away
I lost my taste for pure
Chasing after food
That leaves me insatiable
Filling up but ever hungry
Collecting dew
When all I want is honey

I’ve forgotten what it is to love
This heart has stopped to care
Relying on shocks
Half-alive, only half-believing
Thinking ‘twas you
Though just a shadow fading

I lost my way under the stars
And I ask many times over
Where I have gone wrong
This I know
I replaced you with another

Relieved I did not hold the ropes
Otherwise it’d be undone
Steep hope I had climbed
Often loomed impossible
But you held my arms, said strongly
‘Yes, I got you’
Then I was on it steady

You found me, put me back on track
You wouldn’t leave me wandering

This tug-of-war’s far from over
It is always around
Spirit versus flesh –
Only the end can finish
At least I am not on my own
I know you’re here
Sharing with this scar unknown

You pierced my soul deep
I’m alive
And I long to love once again

6 June 2013
(23-24 May 2013, draft)

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Tiny black specks on this white mess
Stir my vision upon this season
As if forming shapes to my distaste
The floodgates open leaving me broken

Looking for clues too often misused
It’s scarcely not warned the barricade armed
But weak spots showed receiving sharp blows
They burrow in deep, sorrow all to keep

Sound the brass gong in towers slept long
Drown anguished shouts from heartbeats that leap out
Then burn the hay, leave shy rest at bay
Peace shall be seen when all is where it’s been

I shall once more come to waters calm
Dip untidy brush, listen to soft hush
Recall the hue and forget the blue
Prepare new canvass for memories to last

Splash old paint onto happiness faint
Grieve over the loss discounting the cost
Connect the dots to dream other lots
Curbing this hunger to move on stronger

15 May 2013

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The sun sets
And the clouds gather
As if making way
For deep hues
To call it a day

Skies go dark
And then suddenly
Silhouettes appear
Showing their shapes
Everything seems clear

The sun sets
All noises are hushed
So your voice gets loud
It reached my heart
And I can’t be proud

Skies go dark
All about that’s hidden
Is shining brightly
No pretence
Only honesty

1 May 2013

This sunset photo was taken using my point-and-shoot camera at Atuayan Beach, Coron, Palawan.

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Loosen up this cord
Coiling ‘round my chest
Pain that I endure
It’s bound to the test

Imprints of your smile
Shoulders when you laugh
Shooting darts through me
Can’t seem to get enough

Just to hear your heart
I’m hooked desperately
Don’t want to you to stop
Your dreams excite me

Think you know how I feel
See it in my eyes
This weak soul within
Has gone to arise

Now I am exposed
Nothing to hide
Foolish heart all prone
To be hurt inside

Gnawing is this ache
Long is my agony
I cannot bear it
Would you please free me?

28 March 2013

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