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Bakit nga ba humantong sa ganito
Sakit na animo’y walang paghinto
Naisi’y tuluyang makaalpas dito
Ngunit pilitin ma’y di mapagtanto

Sa pag-isip sa ‘yo ang puso’y nalulong
Lakas ko ay sa iyo itinuon
Ngunit katwa’y ‘di sunod sa pagsulong
Kaya nama’y kirot doon bumaon

Pangarap na makamtan ka’y mailap
Di kayang abutin ng pagsisikap
Ang makuha ka’y habulan sa ulap
Ako’ng talunan at ulan aking yakap

21 November 2014

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The Cure

When light is no more to push the road wide
No happy thoughts left to dig up inside
Looking for reason where sanity died
Not enough strength to put worries aside

Pick up stones to buff rough edges shown
Spread wings and try to fly to the unknown
Reap pure joy where dried up tears have been sown
Reach for freedom and call it my own

Hope will drench this long parched soul
Your love to fill my empty bowl
Through this storm I shall take a stroll

10 October 2014

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A Poem for My Beloved

Awake, my soul, awake
Lose not the end in sight
For long and dark may be the night
But the rays of the sun
Will pierce the shield with its light

Be still, my soul, be still
Break not the bond within
For shallow tears may sometimes win
But the droplets of rain
Will wash away dirt from your skin

Find rest, my soul, find rest
Go not into trackless run
For strong may be the thoughts to shun
But the soft whispering wind
Will lull the fears by its hum

Hearken, my love, hearken
Listen to my voiceless cry
For tough will be the road I try
And the moan muted inside
Might slay with hopes pushed aside

29 March 2010

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