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Ang ningning ng bunga ay tumagos sa puso
Doon sa sinabi ang isip ay naglaro
Paano nga kung pangako nito’y matamo
At pagkamulat ay tuluyang magkatotoo

Sa hantad na pagsuway ay wala nang pagbalik
Nabuksan sa kahubaran, kasalana’y humitik
Maaari pa kayang sa kadalisaya’y manabik
Doon sa simula ang kaluluwa ay mananhik

Lugmok ang espiritung unti-unting lumamig
Bumaling sa sarili’t itinaboy Iyong bisig
Sa kabila nito’y ibinuhos ang ‘Yong pag-ibig
Walang paghinahon at wala ring pagkabig

Ikaw ang pag-asa na aking taglay
Ikaw ang init na nagbibigay-buhay

14 February 2018


Photo taken from https://salemnet.vo.llnwd.net/media/cms/CW/30914-cross-5-facebook.jpg

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Ugoy ng Agos

Isinasaisang-tabi ka
Puso’y inaalay sa iba
Na parang ito’y
Tuluyang inangkin na niya

Na hayaang pabayaan ka
Malango sa piling ng iba
Na parang bukas
Ay mabibigyang-kulay niya
Pag-asang nakatuwid sa ‘yo
Di kubli sa ibang anino

Di muling pansin
Tinig ng lumipas niyang mundo

Pagpitik ng bawat minuto
Higit sa hikbi at hangos ko
Walang paghumpay
Ang pag-agos ng pag-ibig mo

19 July 2016

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Strike the clock half
The grasslands all black
Shadows on my back
Then I look up
The skies keep burning
My soul stands believing

23 May 2016


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Of things about You
There are peaks and seas
And clear skies changing hues

23 May 2016


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In Love

No words can paint a picture
Of this cup brimming over
The sweetness that flows
Washing away fears
My woes
I am overcome

Oh that I be owned by You
No other mark would I wear
Even if shackled
I’m no prisoner
My cell
Your arms with no bounds

When the path is forgotten
And I am desperately lost
Fool I often am
Always wandering off
My bane
And You look over the pain

When doubts flood my senseless thoughts
And grief renders me broken
Cheerless my days grow
Promises all gone
My hope
Is Your relentless presence

Let me swim the depths of Your love
Experience unknown beauty
It keeps me wanting
Your riches untold
My quest
I shall be drowning

23 June 2014

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I long to fly
Where dreams come true
Somewhere close to You
And I am weightless
Not wanting

Hopes undying
Keep me alive
Pushing to a dive
Off cliffs unknown
Just daring

Fears can cripple
Even winners
Yet clear soft whispers
Fix me wings spread wide
Wrought through fire

Piercing through clouds
Once more dauntless
Love flowing endless
Life into my veins
I am free

29 October 2013

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I could not truly appreciate
The colours of your radiance
The light shining through
Piercing the darkness
A cloud that envelops my gaze

I have wanted to press on for long
Darts of hurt I got used to
The shackles pulling
Keeping me rooted
The spot that zapped my ebbing strength

I could not constantly fail trying
One can only reach so much
Before it gets numb
Becoming a fool
The part I did not wish to play

You would not let me endure much more
Those pierced hands I can now touch
They never withdrew
‘Twas I who dismissed
Sure help that had always been there

You raised me up from where I lay
Your presence breathed life in me
Suddenly I’m free
I can hear my heart
Strong and fast it beats once again

What I feared I would run away from
But then it hit me head on
Guess I have to fall
Feel the bruise and pain
To know what it’s like to be whole

I never knew love could be so real
A seed once sown in this soil
A grand idea
Fixture in my head
The depths I never dared explore

A rare flower now I am blooming
Out from the hole I have dug
You are here so near
I’m drawn to Your face
Nothing to behold but beauty

20 August 2013

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I’m afraid I’m slipping away
I lost my taste for pure
Chasing after food
That leaves me insatiable
Filling up but ever hungry
Collecting dew
When all I want is honey

I’ve forgotten what it is to love
This heart has stopped to care
Relying on shocks
Half-alive, only half-believing
Thinking ‘twas you
Though just a shadow fading

I lost my way under the stars
And I ask many times over
Where I have gone wrong
This I know
I replaced you with another

Relieved I did not hold the ropes
Otherwise it’d be undone
Steep hope I had climbed
Often loomed impossible
But you held my arms, said strongly
‘Yes, I got you’
Then I was on it steady

You found me, put me back on track
You wouldn’t leave me wandering

This tug-of-war’s far from over
It is always around
Spirit versus flesh –
Only the end can finish
At least I am not on my own
I know you’re here
Sharing with this scar unknown

You pierced my soul deep
I’m alive
And I long to love once again

6 June 2013
(23-24 May 2013, draft)

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This longing
Fills every bit of weary me
I am spent
Aching to behold your beauty
It’s not enough
These brief moments in your company
To be with you
Is what consumes me completely

Don’t know why
I drifted away so foolishly
When all this time
It’s you I’ve been wanting to see
Maybe I
Have not known what it’s really like to be
In love with you
The one who knows me intimately

Now all these cares
That laid a burden on my back
Are fading –
Eased into worn forgotten tracks
Where countless wants
Have trodden carelessly way back
Eating me up
Leaving in me spaces and cracks

Let this love grow
Take over my stubborn will fast
I’m destitute
No grace to call my own and pass
Without you, Lord
I’d be lost in this world so vast
For in you alone
Will I find real joy that lasts

29 August 2012

Inspired by my personal study of Jesus’ life
If this is what it’s like to be in love, then I think I am.

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Thinking About Love

I would like to share my journal entry today.

14 February 2012

A few thoughts on the past weekend about LOVE.

Ptr ReyAv’s message and ‘Judgmental’, UnChristian – there was a resounding message from both these two: Love must be the distinguishing character of Christians. If we claim to be Christ’s disciples, we must love. That’s how the whole world will know that we follow Him. That was also something that Jesus left behind to His followers who obviously had to carry on the Lord’s work after He was gone. The way they should do the ministry must be one of love. They couldn’t go wrong with love.

Judgmental. That was our topic in Ditri. This ugly description is something that plagues everyone but especially a pet peeve of outsiders about us Christians. I must say that is true to some extent, not excluding myself. Yes, I am judgemental. I know and I am kind of working on it. It is really a hard subject to deal with. I mean, how do you draw the line between accepting people for what they are and keeping to Biblical values? There are four things that the book suggests are contributing factors to being labelled judgemental: wrong verdict, wrong timing, wrong motivation, and playing favourites. So, I must be careful with these four. Most of all, I must love. Love can do it. God’s love embodied through the life of Jesus did it. That was how He was able to keep to God’s standards yet manage to attract sinners to Himself. Tricky, isn’t it?

The Vow. I never thought I would like watching this film on big screen…but I did! It too touched on the topic of love. Somebody asked me, ‘Why couldn’t she remember that she loved him even after all the evidence she saw?’ Answer: I don’t know! But I do have a theory: What they had for five years was more anchored on emotions rather than the mind. Remember, she did all those things after a traumatic family problem. Everything she did in those years stemmed out of wanting to get away from that. It was one decision after another done quickly, and probably without much thought. I’m not discounting that she could have truly loved him; all I am saying is that she must not have thought about it deeply so as to embed it in her long-term memory or in her subconscious or IN HER.

If I were right, it would just all the more strengthen the fact that loving truly is something that involves all three: deep thought, emotions and will.

Above all, I really must keep a journal! LOLz. 😀

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