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Watchful eyes dug deep into this window
Moved by whispering winds on did they burrow
Sowing pain where they could spot no sorrow
Leaving me no light to find on the morrow

Fragile is my frame and sharp were those blows
No chance to duck, no strength or will to oppose
With brute claws they exposed my long hidden foes
Not knowing I’d been dying even without those woes

In a thousand sunsets drown this dreary run
Pierce my soul with rays of the bright morning sun
Let me rise to beat of a booming drum
Punch Your fist against this chest still and undone

If I do awake I shall go to your nest
From darkness I’ll emerge where once I was pressed
Live on with no fears, in love will I be dressed
And look upon that face once all is put to rest

16 February 2018

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Beyond Sunset

Take me to yesterday
Where dreams lay
Flat on display
As if waiting
To save the day

Keep my back long upright
Holding tight
As dark winds fight
Ever piercing
Into the night

Calm this raging heartbeat
In my seat
Facing defeat
From sadness
Drenching the soul
Freezing my feet

Unveil these hooded eyes
Strip back lies
Cut rusty ties
My prison
Of doubts and fears
And slowly rise

27 January 2017

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Ilang ulit sinuri mga lukot na pahina
Maingat na sila ay nilagyan ng mga marka
Isa, dalawa, o maging tatlong beses pa nga
Ngunit kahit anong pilit ko pang busisiin
At balik-balikan ang mga nakalipas natin
Ang pagkakamali ay bakas pa rin sa akin

Ang pag-asang maituwid waring naglaho na
Na tulad ng araw na itinago ang mukha
Sa likod ng gabing hatid ay pangungulila

Tuluyan kayang masira ang tanging pangarap
Na unti-unting binuo ng pagsusumikap
Kahit anumang danasi’y di pansin ang hirap
Suot ang ligayang di kailanman ay napagod
Init ng pagmamahal s’ya sa aki’y nagsukob
Habang ‘yong tinig bigay nama’y lakas ng loob

Wala na nga ba ang inaasam kong paglingap
Naglaho na gaya ng bahaghari sa ulap
At di na muling madarama ang iyong yakap

28 March 2012

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Save me – I am losing it
Trying to keep every bit
Of soul’s fragments blown away
Which no will can hold at bay
Worn out by endless wandering
Into pathways unending

My strength is fading slowly
Hopeful heart has grown weary
And courage is kept hidden
Where only victors have risen
With bright rays of the morning
Through the cold dawn breaking in

Strong head would not dare to use
A bed no sleep to induce
Where true rest is rare to find
One that melts fears, soothes the mind
Hears not voices of despair
Walks unchained by earthly cares

And here I am defenseless
Misery seems to me endless
Fighting hard what I can’t win
This battle that stays unseen
Hold out your hand and take me
End this war, come set me free

7 February 2012

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The End I Never Reached

I tried to open my eyes
And I saw before me
Lay a long dark pathway
Eerie and cold
I took some strides
And did them hurriedly
For it looked like a long way
And the end’s untold

It was still halfway
Before I reached the end
When a voice asked me to stop
So my feet halted
The voice seemed very anxious
To get its message sent
Into my ears with a faint sob
While leaving lips that faltered

But I didn’t look back
I was up to reach the end
I minded it not and moved
I dared not go back
But I was taken aback
Someone pulled my cloak and
Summoned behind my hood
“Come back! Come back!”

I blinked my eyes then looked
And I was overwhelmed
To see all the ones I loved
Crying yet smiling
I blinked again and looked
And my soul was overwhelmed
To see the ones I loved
Anxious yet smiling


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